Electrical Engineering

Teaching in this branch of Engineering is privileged, specially, as this institute is attached with Kolaghat Thermal Power Station. Regular visit to the Power Plant and executing live project in collaboration with the Power Plant are special features for this discipline. Electrical Engineering remains a core engineering subject with its new curriculum to cater to the needs of all modern industries, and is a stepping stone for higher education in different specializations of engineering.


  • Maintaining excellent academic environment
  • Promoting continuous up gradation in learning and research through constructive interaction between students, faculty, staff, industry and community
  • Encouraging innovative ideas, problem solving skills, utilizing the available resources to the best and understanding their ethical responsibilities


  • To produce highly skilled, value-driven excellent quality Electrical Engineers

Program Educational Objectives

  • Our graduates will attain productive carriers in professional practice of Electrical Engineering and related fields with strong conceptual background and interest.


  • Our graduates will be engaged in life-long learning by advanced education/degrees, professional development activities and involvement in realistic fields through research and professional collaborative activities.


  • Our graduates will demonstrate technical competence in identifying, analyzing and creating engineering solutions, keeping in mind the ethical and societal needs. They will be able to establish themselves by analyzing the demand of the existing world.

An Overview of the Department


Major Laboratories/Facilities

Electrical Machines Laboratory: This lab is equipped with special feature of V/F controller, six phase alternator, separate DC power supply unit etc.

Machine Design Laboratory: This lab has sufficient coil winding machines and other facilities to enable students to learn complete design and implement the same with hands on experiences.

Power Electronics & Electrical Drives Laboratory: Emphasis has been given both to hardware as well as software e.g. Programmable Logic Controller, Computer aided Operation & Control of motor, solid state rotor control, etc., Licensed version of PSIM, PSPICE software etc.

Power system Laboratory: It has special facilities like synchronization of alternator with system bus, MICOM relay, High Voltage testing equipment, E-TAP software etc.

Circuits & Networks Laboratory: Fully Air Conditioned, Licensed version of PSPICE software with LAN facilities.

Control system Laboratory: Modern Laboratory with MATLAB 6.5 version.

Electrical and Electronic Measurements Laboratory: Cater to the syllabus of WBUT.

Basic Electrical Engineering Laboratory: Cater to the syllabus of WBUT.