Computer Science & Engineering

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering was started in the year 1998 with an intake of 40. The Intake was further increased to 60 in the year 1999. The objective of the department is to provide knowledge of modern computing systems as well as sound theoretical background to meet evolving needs of students so as to bridge the gap between the academia and the corporate sector. Also the department aims at cultivating qualities like leadership, teamwork, self confidence, good communication skills among its students.


To produce globally competent, quality computer professionals and to inculcate the moral values with the aim of development of our nation.

Program Educational Objectives

Provide strong foundation in engineering fundamentals to formulate, analyze and solve problems related to computer hardware and software with concept, design principles, techniques and modern tools in an efficient and secured manner.

Provide adequate training opportunities on emerging cutting edge technologies and soft skills to work as a team on global projects with leadership quality.

Promoting students to be entrepreneurs having sound social values and ethics with the aim of developing our society.


  • Well qualified and experienced faculty.
  • High end PCs running on Linux.
  • Single PC to each student during lab time.
  • All computers are connected by high speed (Gbps) Ethernet with optical fiber backbone.
  • Compaq ML 350, Sun Cobalt, HP rx 2620, Compaq Prolient 1600 server graded Machine
  • Sony Handycam TRV 22E DCR, Kodak Digital Still Camera, LCD (SVGA)
  • 24 hours 2 Mbps leased Internet connection available
  • 24 hours Lab facilities
  • 24 hours intranet mail service


HOD Name: Dr. Tapas Kumar Maiti
Email : hodcse@cemk.ac.in
Phone No.: 6296990293