Academic Curriculum

Information Technology Fifth Semester
Sl No.Subject CodeSemesterTitleCredits Hours/WeekSubject TypeSyllabus
1 ENGLANG Fifth English11 Theory
2 HU501 Fifth Economics for Engineers33 Theory
3 IT501 Fifth Design & Analysis of Algorithm33 Theory
4 IT502 Fifth Computer Architecture33 Theory
5 IT503 Fifth Operating System33 Theory
6 IT501T Fifth Design & Analysis of Algorithm(Tutorial)11 Practical
7 IT502T Fifth Computer Architecture(Tutorial)11 Practical
8 IT504ET Fifth µ-processors & µ-controllers(CSE)11 Practical
9 IT504FT Fifth Programming Practices using C++(Tutorial)11 Practical
10 IT591 Fifth Algorithm Lab23 Practical
11 IT592 Fifth Computer Architecture Lab23 Practical
12 IT593 Fifth Operating System Lab23 Practical
13 IT504E Fifth µ-processors & µ-controllers(CSE)33 Elective Theory
14 IT504F Fifth Programming Practices using C++33 Elective Theory
15 IT594E Fifth µ-processors & µ-controllers(CSE) Lab23 Elective Practical
16 IT594F Fifth Programming Practices using C++ Lab23 Elective Practical